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Why Use TEAM?

Cattle marketed through TEAM go directly from seller to buyer. This superior method of marketing cattle ensures that cattle are exposed to as little stress, sickness and shrinkage as possible. Not to mention keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Most cattle marketed through TEAM are sold FOB the seller's location. There are no transportation costs for the seller! This is one example of how TEAM can lower the costs associated with marketing cattle, and increase your bottom line.

Because TEAM sales take place over the Internet, anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world can participate in TEAM auctions. This brings maximum exposure to a seller's cattle, while giving the buyer access to cattle that they need within the comfort of their home or office.

Buyer support is always critical in ensuring that cattle bring maximum dollar. Using the power of the Internet, TEAM brings buyers from across the world to our auctions to bid on, and compete for, your cattle.

Multiple auctions weekly gives TEAM a huge competitive advantage. The cattle seller and buyer can react to the ever-changing market conditions, making buying and selling decisions in a manner timely to these fluctuations.

When marketing finished or feeder cattle through TEAM, consignors have the option to accept or reject the final bid, placing more control in the hands of the consignor.

TEAM Special Sales and Video Broadcasts can be held in conjunction with live sales and events. TEAM can offer the addition of the online bid to the live bid. Can't make it to the auction in person? Let TEAM bring it to you!

Add it all up, and you have the superior way to buy and sell cattle.

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