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Computer Configuration Details


Session Cookies must be enabled on your browser to use the features of the TEAM site and auction. The TEAM site does not leave any Persistent Cookies on your machine after you leave the site. Session Cookies may be enabled by changing the privacy settings:

On your browser‘s toolbar, go to Tools and select Internet Options from the drop-down menu. In Internet options select the Privacy tab.

Figure 1

Adjust the privacy settings to Medium if they are set to anything above the level shown in Figure 1. The TEAM site requires that the Privacy settings be set Medium or below for the site to work properly.

Browser Internet Security Settings

The following settings are needed in Internet Explorer to access the TEAM site:

  1. Java applet download allowed
  2. Posting data allowed

To allow both Java applet Download and Posting Data, go to Tools and in the drop-down menu select Internet Options. In the security tab, select internet and verify if it is set like Figure 2. If it is set to High, adjust it to the Medium setting. If it is a custom setting, click on the Default level button. This should adjust the settings to the ones seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2


The TEAM site uses a Java Applet for the auction arena. To enter the arena you need to have the Java Plugin installed on your PC. You can get the Java plugin from http://www.java.com. When you download it, it will automatically lead you through the installation process.

Pop-up/Ad Block Software

The TEAM Auction Arena may not work properly if you have software installed with a pop-up/ad blocker enabled (i.e. Google Toolbar, MSN Toolbar or Norton Internet Security). We recommend disabling these tools while viewing any TEAM Auction.

Access to the auction site from behind a Firewall

Information for the Auction Site Participant:

This configuration information is for the use of TEAM Auction Sales auction participants who are accessing the auction site from a computer, which is located behind a corporate firewall.

The following information should be forwarded to the technical staff in the Information Systems department that is responsible for Internet access security policy enforcement for the company.

Firewall Configuration Technical Specifications:

In order for a PC to access the www.teamauctionsales.com on-line auction application, that PC must be able to establish outbound connections to destination ports 80/TCP (normal http traffic), 4332/TCP and 4333/TCP. Return traffic for established sessions from these ports is also required.

If the IS policy does not allow outbound sessions to the above ports using unrestricted destinations, then the firewall access list can be limited to establishing sessions to the destination address (www.teamauctionsales.com).

For the on-line auction application to operate the PC must be allowed to download and run Java applets from the above site, so this capability would need to be permitted by an Application Proxy firewall and also enabled on the client browser.

Additional information for reference:

Ports 4332 and 4333 are used for raw TCP socket connections between a client browser side Java applet and a server side Java service. These processes cooperate to synchronize the real time auction transactions and to transfer the auction arena data stream. Traffic on these ports should not be passed through an application proxy on the firewall, they should be treated as sessions using Stateful Packet Filtering rules. Port 80 is just used for normal http connections.

If there are any questions, please contact Ideaca Limited technical services at 403-265-4332 x222 or via email at techs@ideaca.com


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