Comments & Opening Words

Sitting down I’m trying come up with some words of wisdom & inspiration as we head into our 19th Annual ‘The Maine Bull Sale’. I find the opportunity never better going into the next few years for the cow/calf sector. With the above average snow cover the risk of runoff to fill water holes and low forage supplies is dwindling – on the bright side this is the lowest cowherd numbers we’ve had in North America since 1962 and a growing demand for Beef both domestically and globally continues to push feeder and the slaughter prices. The consumer appreciates the product we raise and is willing to pay for our higher grading cattle.

So why would you consider using a Wilson Maine Anjou - Maine/Angus or Mainetainer Bull? There are a lot of valuable options out in the market place so what sets us apart? The cowherd base goes back over 50 years – when my parents had a vision of breeding Maine cattle in 1971. Mom and Dad did a lot of research on new exotic breeds and they selected the Maines in the end for the phenotype – structure and style that they found in both the bulls and females vs some of the other breeds. That phenotype holds true today as the Maine influence cattle continue to succeed in both Breeding & Steer Junior Shows across North America.

With technology we have continued to source and select the top IMF – performance and DNA tested animals to match up with their phenotype. We strive to prepare and manage our herd with longevity – fertility so when they go on to our customers they can breed and produce for years without too much extra management and cost.

Year after year you our valuable customers have realized the benefits that the Maine influence in your program as the calves consistently sell for above average premiums to repeat buyers and bidders. Whether you are selling them as bawling calves or replacement breeding females or finishing them in your own feedlots the cattle are working and giving extra value.

Our offering this year is down in numbers due to the fact that we are changing our management and will be calving the cowherd in Sask on grass starting in mid May. The bred hfrs are due to start calving mid March. This is the 1st time in my lifetime that we aren’t calving in Jan/Feb – so as a result we have to adjust our numbers and hold back a number of bulls to make into 2 year olds for next years sale. We will be calving almost 300 Maine or Maine/Angus – Mainetainer females this spring so we continue to breed a few more females over the past few years. So 2023 & 2024 will have numbers limited but the quality is as good or better than ever before.

As for this years offering we continue to manage and grow our calfcrop as the majority of our customers do. We utilize no creep on our calves and the cows live on a diet of hay or graze on stubble fall grazing and this winter they have been on standing corn grazing. As well you’ll notice that the majority of the calves are sired by natural service and we feel the herdbull battery that we have selected and sourced is 2nd to none in the Maine Breed across North America. We have continued to source outcross genetics to our herd for years with a focus on structural integrity – fertility – maternal strength – longevity – carcass merit - docility. As a result we feel confident that we are supplying breeding bulls with all those genetic traits plus some added libido to help our customers realize those added benefits to their own cowherds and operation.

The calves were weaned Oct 1 and moved directly to Schunicht Farms from the Sask Ranch 800+ km ride and started on a growing silage & chopped hay/straw ration with a little barley. The bulls are fed to have an opportunity to prove performance but by no means are they pushed on a high energy ration. We believe that longevity is not only genetic but proper management can help that process as well. We stepped away from showing years ago for various reasons but the main reason is that it has helped compare all of our calfcrop on the same management program to enable our customers the opportunity to compare our genetics on a truthful straightforward feeding program.

All the bulls have went thru a performance test comparsion – ultrasound data – dna tested clean for th/pha plus Igenity Beef genomics testing . Over and above that we are on full Herd Health protocol with our consulting vet CCHMS/HerdTrax. All calves are vaccinated at birth with Inforce 3. Then @ apprx 8 weeks of age calves are worked at branding time in 30/40 head groups with Inforce 3 / One Shot BVD & UltraBac 7/Som. 2-3 weeks preweaning all the calves are vaccinated with Bovishield Gold OneShot & UltraBac 7/Som.

All the cowherd is on the SelectVac Gold Vaccination program and get Bovishield Gold FP5 @ preg check along with Ultrachoice plus PO. Pre calving all the cows receive ScourGuard 4KC.

Bulls will be semen tested late March/Early April @ this time they will be boostered with Bovishield Gold FP5 & Ultrachoice 8. Please note all the scrotals – ultrasound – weights are all actual and not adjusted. Over the past few years we see the bulls will change from +1 + 4 cm as they are reaching puberty at the 13 months of age at semen test time. We stand behind these bulls 100% on achieving their breeding soundness test. All bulls will be delivered in April and to Central Points outside of Alta/Sask. All bulls have AMAA registration papers and are CMAA registerable.

We look forward to March 22 and hope that you will be able to stop by and inspect the bulls for yourselves. Check out the bulls that we have sorted off that will be the 2 year olds for next years offering. We believe that this years offering is our most uniform and best set ever and as you go thru the offering you will notice the sire groups offer numerous 3/4 brothers to help enable you a chance for a uniform set of calves from these bulls. Please feel free to call and discuss if you have any questions on the offering.


The Wilson Family

Bill -

Shawn - Stacey -Jayse - Kadin